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Ball, Justin S. (author), Godin, Oleg A. (author), Evers, L.G. (author), Lv, Cheng (author)
We investigate the spatial coherence of underwater ambient noise using a yearlong time-series measured off Ascension Island. Qualitative agreement with observed cross-correlations is achieved using a simple range-dependent model, constrained by earlier, active tomographic studies in the area. In particular, the model correctly predicts the...
journal article 2016
Van Dalen, K.N. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author), Halliday, D.F. (author)
Virtual-source surface wave responses can be retrieved using the crosscorrelation (CC) of wavefields observed at two receivers. Higher mode surface waves cannot be properly retrieved when there is a lack of subsurface sources that excite these wavefields, as is often the case. In this paper, we present a multidimensional-deconvolution (MDD)...
journal article 2013
Van Dalen, K.N. (author)
The characterization of porous materials (e.g., sandstone) is very important for geotechnical and reservoir engineers. For this purpose, often use is made of acoustic waves that are sent through the medium. The desired material parameters can then be estimated from the measured signals. However, often only the velocity or the attenuation of the...
doctoral thesis 2011