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Westerbaan van der Meij, Fenna (author)
In the pursuit of gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms of oxide-electrolyte interfaces, this thesis presents a working model that mimics a dynamic surface charge distribution by introducing protonation and deprotonation events using MD simulation. Due to the limitations of measurement equipment that operate on an atomic scale,...
master thesis 2020
Das, Aranav (author)
Soldering of a large variety of highly stress sensitive electronic devices can be a strenuous affair. Thermo-mechanical stresses built up upon cooling after the soldering process can profoundly affect the overall performance of such devices, sometimes leading to failure. To reduce such detrimental effects, the soldering temperature has to be...
master thesis 2017
Shojai Kaveh, N. (author)
To reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, different scenarios are proposed to capture and store carbon dioxide (CO2) in geological formations (CCS). Storage strategies include CO2 injection into deep saline aquifers, depleted gas and oil reservoirs, and unmineable coal seams. To identify a secure and proper strategy for CO2 injection, the...
doctoral thesis 2014