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Mulder, Jurgen (author)
Users of anonymity networks face differential treatment and sometimes get blocked by websites, it is currently unclear how common this blocking is. This research aims to provide an overview of how common this blocking is while utilizing the AN.ON anonymity network. The analysis is accomplished by utilizing automated web scraping and processing...
bachelor thesis 2021
Griffioen, H.J. (author), Oosthoek, K. (author), van der Knaap, Paul (author), Dörr, C. (author)
Amplification attacks generate an enormous flood of unwanted traffic towards a victim and are generated with the help of open, unsecured services, to which an adversary sends spoofed service requests that trigger large answer volumes to a victim. However, the actual execution of the packet flood is only one of the activities necessary for a...
conference paper 2021
Asghari, H. (author)
Research in the field of information security economics has clarified how attacker and defender incentives affect cybersecurity. It has also highlighted the role of intermediaries in strengthening cybersecurity. Intermediaries are organizations and firms that provide the Internet’s infrastructure and platforms. This dissertation looks at how...
doctoral thesis 2016