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Elmilady, H.M.S.M.A. (author), van der Wegen, M. (author), Roelvink, D. (author), van der Spek, A. (author)
Intertidal shoals are key features of estuarine environments worldwide. Climate change poses questions regarding the sustainability of intertidal areas under sea-level rise (SLR). Our work investigates the SLR impact on the long-term morphological evolution of unvegetated intertidal sandy shoals in a constrained channel-shoal system....
journal article 2022
van der Werf, J. (author), de Vet, P.L.M. (author), Boersema, M. P. (author), Bouma, T.J. (author), Nolte, A. J. (author), Schrijvershof, R. A. (author), Soissons, L. M. (author), Stronkhorst, J. (author), van Zanten, E. (author), Ysebaert, T. (author)
The Eastern Scheldt, a tidal basin in the southwest of The Netherlands, underwent large physical and ecological changes due to a system-wide human interference. The construction of a storm surge barrier at the seaward side and closure of the upstream branches in the 1980s resulted in intertidal flat erosion. This has far reaching consequences...
journal article 2019