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Sharma, Bhawana (author), Sharma, Lokesh (author), Lal, C. (author)
IoT has gained immense popularity recently with advancements in technologies and big data. IoT network is dynamically increasing with the addition of devices, and the big data is generated within the network, making the network vulnerable to attacks. Thus, network security is essential, and an intrusion detection system is needed. In this...
conference paper 2023
Aliyu, Ibrahim (author), van Engelenburg, S.H. (author), Mu'azu, Muhammed Bashir (author), Kim, Jinsul (author), Lim, Chang Gyoon (author)
The internet-of-Vehicle (IoV) can facilitate seamless connectivity between connected vehicles (CV), autonomous vehicles (AV), and other IoV entities. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) for IoV networks can rely on machine learning (ML) to protect the in-vehicle network from cyber-attacks. Blockchain-based Federated Forests (BFFs) could be...
journal article 2022