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Diephuis, S. (author)
Topos theory and quantum mechanics are both known for having a logic that is different from ordinary logic. With this in mind, much work has been done on unifying these two fields. Loveridge, Dridi and Raussendorf apply this unification to measurement-based quantum computation [14], revealing links between computation, contextuality and the...
bachelor thesis 2020
Ciardelli, Ivano (author), Iemhoff, Rosalie (author), Yang, F. (author)
In recent years, the logic of questions and dependencies has been investigated in the closely related frameworks of inquisitive logic and dependence logic. These investigations have assumed classical logic as the background logic of statements, and added formulas expressing questions and dependencies to this classical core. In this paper, we...
journal article 2020
Lokhorst, G.J.C. (author)
Some years ago, Lokhorst proposed an intuitionistic reformulation of Mally's deontic logic (1926). This reformulation was unsatisfactory, because it provided a striking theorem that Mally himself did not mention. In this paper, we present an alternative reformulation of Mally's deontic logic that does not provide this theorem.
journal article 2016