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Eipe, Jonathan Joe (author)
The Static Recrystallization (SRX) phenomenon of austenite in C-Mn steels have a large impact on the final mechanical properties of the steel. However, the austenite recrystallization kinetics are difficult to investigate experimentally, due to solid-state phase transformations during cooling to room temperature. The best model alloys to examine...
master thesis 2021
Rajashekharuni, Pawan (author)
Bainitic steels are the type of steels which are widely in use, especially in automotive industries, for its good mechanical behavior, i.e., with coexistence of strength, ductility and fatigue resistance. A better understanding on the mechanism and transformation kinetics of bainite are necessary in order to improve the performance of the...
master thesis 2020
Rosas Saad, Jorge A (author)
Because of its extraordinary material properties, like its high melting point and thermal stress resistance, low erosion and swelling rate, and high radiation damage resistance, highly deformed pure tungsten has been chosen as the plasma facing surface material for the ITER reactor divertor. The study of tungstenā€™s recrystallization behavior and...
master thesis 2018