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Liu, Chenjing (author)
Many responsible companies are committed to promoting sustainability and circularity, but suffer from not being able to communicate these concepts and efforts to their users and influence them. KPN is one of these companies. This project aims to find effective approaches to communicate with customers so that they can engage more deeply in the...
master thesis 2020
de Prieëlle, Fabian (author)
The Internet-of-Things has grown much in popularity over the past years, leading to the gathering of large amounts of pervasive and detailed data. This same trend is seen in the agriculture industry, where a lot of data can be collected on the cultivation methods. The agriculture industry is considered to be a strategically interesting industry...
master thesis 2018
Imamdi, R.M.A. (author)
This thesis has two main topics. On the one hand it discusses how the robustness of a network can be increased as efficient as possible, where connectivity is treated as a robustness measure. On the other hand It treats capacity management of a network when it is still in its design phase. In particular, it shows how bandwidth management can be...
master thesis 2010