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Vink, T.V. (author)
Unregulated development is one of the core problems in post conflict areas. Current rebuilding and city planning face tremendous challenges regulating rapid development of the urban environment and reserving and preserving space for the public domain. The latter one has been often disregarded its importance. It has been found that public space...
master thesis 2017
Nushi, B. (author), Van Loenen, B. (author), Besemer, J.W.J. (author), Crompvoets, J. (author)
This paper presents the multi?view assessment of SDI status in the Republic of Kosovo performed in 2007 and in 2010. The main objective of this research was to assess the SDI of Kosovo and to define the driving forces needed to support SDI strategy development. The research assesses the status of SDI implementation of Kosovo using SDI readiness...
conference paper 2012