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Tavakkoli, Maryam (author)
With the increased availability and affordability of miniature computing devices,<br/>such as sensors, the era of Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived. Meanwhile, the developments of the cellular mobile technologies and emerge of 5G accelerated the adoption of IoT scenarios within mobile networks. Rapid growth in the number of IoT devices has...
master thesis 2019
Stojkovski, Stefan (author)
Rabobank is currently planning a complete transition of its services to the public<br/>cloud. Currently there are around 400 DevOps teams that need to make the<br/>transition from deployment on traditional on-premise infrastructure, to deploying their products to the public cloud. The thesis project investigates what are some of the biggest...
master thesis 2018
Carosi, R. (author), Mattijssen, B. (author)
Cloud computing has given users access to virtually infinite computing power. Cloud service providers operate data centers consisting of hundreds, sometimes thousands of interconnected machines. The machines dissipate heat that is undesirable because it may lead components to overheat. Air conditioners are used to cool the air and regulate the...
bachelor thesis 2016