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Dobson, Daniel (author), Dong, Haoyang (author), van der Horst, Noortje (author), Langhorst, Lars (author), van der Vaart, Jasper (author), Wu, Ziyan (author)
Storing accurate models of complex geometries in a compact way has become an increasingly challenging issue, especially when dealing with large datasets. One of such datasets is Cobra-Groeninzicht's database of all trees in the Netherlands. In the gaming industry, a new technique is being used to generate tree models: the L-system. An L-system...
student report 2021
Biloria, N.M. (author)
Architectural praxis is in continuous state of change. The introduction of information technology driven design techniques, constantly updating building information modeling protocols, new policy demands coupled together with environmental regulations and cultural fluctuations are all open-ended dynamic phenomena within which contemporary...
journal article 2011
Brussee, P.W.G. (author), Kraayenbrink, N. (author), Van Sambeek, S.P. (author)
During the last ten months, we have designed and developed a game for the Microsoft Imagine Cup. This game, built on the Cannibal Engine, was to revolve around the Millennium Development Goals. The obvious goal was to win the Imagine Cup, or at least to get as far as we could possibly can. Our team consisted of three programmers with little to...
bachelor thesis 2009