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Takali, Farid (author), Nirwal, Sonal (author), Othmani, Cherif (author), Groves, R.M. (author)
It has been shown that the roots of guided waves in laminate plates produced by the ordinary differential equations (ODE) approach may not hold under to some computational conditions. A particular drawback of the 2D formulation of the ODE approach is the lack of reliability in the case of unidirectional laminates due to the decoupling...
journal article 2023
Wang, Jue (author), Yuan, Weiyi (author), Li, Z. (author), Trofimov, Yuri (author), Lishik, Sergey (author), Fan, J. (author)
Some atrial contractile assist devices applied on the heart surface can be regarded as a laminated Liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) plate under steady temperature loads and a contact mechanical force. An exact solution for the deformation of the laminated LCE plate under combined thermal and mechanical loads is derived by solving the three...
journal article 2022
Ahmed, A. (author), Sluys, L.J. (author)
Experimental testing and numerical analysis often travel in tandem in a design process. Recent advances in novel numerical techniques to simulate mesh objective crack propagation offer a great potential for accurate and efficient damage analysis of composite laminates. This paper presents a numerical study on computational modeling of mesh...
journal article 2013