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Song, Jinlai (author), Cannatella, D. (author), Katsikis, N. (author)
Wildfires are widely viewed as key evolving inputs of Mediterranean ecosystem. But anthropogenic climate changes and other socioecological recessions have transformed normal wildfire into megafire. The paradigm shift is needed since the suppression capacity has been increasingly overcome from the fire department. This research is aiming to...
conference paper 2023
Delgado Blasco, José Manuel (author), Cian, Fabio (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author), Verstraeten, Gert (author)
Population growth in rural areas of Egypt is rapidly transforming the landscape. New cities are appearing in desert areas while existing cities and villages within the Nile floodplain are growing and pushing agricultural areas into the desert. To enable control and planning of the urban transformation, these rapid changes need to be mapped...
journal article 2020