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IJpma, Johannes (author)
This paper compares the performance of two phonetic notations, IPA and ASJPcode, with the alphabetical notation for word-level language identification. Two machine learning models, a Multilayer Percerptron and a Logistic Regression model, are used to classify words using each of the three notations. With both models the IPA notation outperforms...
bachelor thesis 2021
Liu, Hexin (author), Perera, Leibny Paola Garcia (author), Zhang, Xinyi (author), Dauwels, J.H.G. (author), Khong, Andy W.H. (author), Khudanpur, Sanjeev (author), Styles, Suzy J. (author)
We propose two end-to-end neural configurations for language diarization on bilingual code-switching speech. The first, a BLSTM-E2E architecture, includes a set of stacked bidirectional LSTMs to compute embeddings and incorporates the deep clustering loss to enforce grouping of languages belonging to the same class. The second, an XSA-E2E...
conference paper 2021