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Breukelman, H. J. (author), Santofimia, Maria Jesus (author), Hidalgo Garcia, J. (author)
The realisation of sophisticated hierarchically patterned multiphase steels has the potential to enable unprecedented properties in engineering components. The present work explores the controlled creation of patterned multiphase steels in which the patterns are defined by two different crystal structures: face centre cubic or fcc (austenite)...
journal article 2022
Ebrahimi, Amin (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author), Richardson, I.M. (author)
Molten metal melt pools are characterised by highly non-linear responses, which are very sensitive to imposed boundary conditions. Temporal and spatial variations in the energy flux distribution are often neglected in numerical simulations of melt pool behaviour. Additionally, thermo-physical properties of materials are commonly changed to...
journal article 2021
Scorticati, D. (author), Illiberi, A. (author), Bor, T. (author), Eijt, S.W.H. (author), Schut, H. (author), Römer, G.R.B.E. (author), De Lange, D.F. (author), Huis in 't Veld, A.J. (author)
Post-deposition annealing by ultra-short laser pulses can modify the optical properties of SnO2 thin films by means of thermal processing. Industrial grade SnO2 films exhibited improved optical properties after picosecond laser irradiation, at the expense of a slightly increased sheet resistance [Proc. SPIE 8826, 88260I (2013)]. The figure of...
journal article 2014