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Wrzosek, Filip (author)
A series of critical transmission lattice towers failures due to severe ice and wind loads forced German utility companies to reassess the structural stability of their power grid infrastructure. During the structural reassessment process, a problem related to an outdated or even missing documentation of the in-use infrastructure occurred. This...
master thesis 2022
Kamath, Shreya (author)
Over the past decade, wind turbine towers have grown taller and wider to support high capacity turbines. It may, therefore, be prudent to investigate materials alternative to steel to mitigate an increase in tower mass, cost, and complexities in transportation & manufacturing associated with the steel towers. The current research focuses on...
master thesis 2017
Gong, W. (author)
Optimal design of support structure including foundation and turbine tower is among the most critical challenges for offshore wind turbine. With development of offshore wind industry heading for deeper ocean areas, new support structural concept such as a full lattice tower could be proven to be more advantageous than others when consideration...
master thesis 2011