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Staelens, Michael (author)
Cryogenic and semi-cryogenic propellants are the most commonly used liquid propellants for applications in medium-lift launch vehicles. Despite their high performance, the storage requirements for these propellants often lead to complex, heavy, and voluminous structures. The only storable propellant used in medium-lift launch vehicles, UDMH/NTO,...
master thesis 2024
Peeters, Michiel (author)
In pursuit of cost-effective and sustainable space access, Dawn Aerospace is pioneering innovative launch systems. Their focus lies on a semi-reusable, two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle, designed for horizontal take-off and landing. While current launch vehicles rely solely on rocket propulsion, the potential of airbreathing engines on the first...
master thesis 2023
Wildvank, Roy (author)
Accurate dry mass prediction is essential in early design phases of a launch system. To predict structural mass<br/>of a launch vehicle more accurate at a conceptual design phase, a structural mass model was developed. The model<br/>predicts a launch vehicle’s structural mass, thickness, center of mass and mass moment of inertia. Load carrying...
master thesis 2018