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van den Bergh, Aydin (author)
To reduce emissions from civil aviation, research is being conducted in lean premixed hydrogen combustors as part of the APPU project at the TU Delft. Next to mitigating CO2 emissions completely, these technologies have the potential to also reduce NOx emissions greatly, allowing for the future of civil aviation to become sustainable. However,...
master thesis 2022
Vermeijlen, Simon (author)
Swirl-stabilised hydrogen combustion has great potential in the aviation industry since emissions can be significantly reduced compared to fossil fuels. However, a major drawback is a high proneness to flashback. This could be overcome with non-swirling axial air injection (AAI) on the centre-line of the mixing tube. The effect of this concept...
master thesis 2021
Tober, Joeri (author)
A highly accurate model is presented that predicts boundary layer flashback (BLF) for lean premixed hydrogen combustion. In contrast to existing models, that fail for lean hydrogen mixtures, the present model includes the effect of flame instabilities. The model is applied to study the effect of burner geometry on flashback tendency. A diverging...
master thesis 2019