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van Koelen, Tim (author)
The subsurface is often modelled as multiple homogeneous soil layers. In reality, the soil properties of these layers are heterogeneous and spatially variable, making it difficult to properly deduct the engineering properties that are required in the design of geotechnical structures. This leads to uncertainty in the design. The probabilistic...
master thesis 2019
Theodoridis, Matthaios (author)
This study was conducted in the framework of the Leendert de Boerspolder stress test. It focuses on the investigation the performance of the available constitutive models in describing the coupled hydro-mechanical response of peats and organic clays as observed during the stress test. The soil models that are considered are the Mohr-Coulomb...
master thesis 2017
Mavritsakis, Antonis (author)
State of the art geotechnical engineering and project designare nowadays rigidly connected to the mindful adaption of the Eurocode. However, questions can be raised on the critical selection of the characteristic values for parameters such as the soil compressibility and permeability. The experiment conducted at Leendert de Boerspolder, where a...
student report 2017