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Takali, Farid (author), Nirwal, Sonal (author), Othmani, Cherif (author), Groves, R.M. (author)
It has been shown that the roots of guided waves in laminate plates produced by the ordinary differential equations (ODE) approach may not hold under to some computational conditions. A particular drawback of the 2D formulation of the ODE approach is the lack of reliability in the case of unidirectional laminates due to the decoupling...
journal article 2023
van der Toorn, R. (author)
Legendre’s equation is key in various branches of physics. Its general solution is a linear function space, spanned by the Legendre functions of the first and second kind. In physics, however, commonly the only acceptable members of this set are Legendre polynomials. The quantization of the eigenvalues of Legendre’s operator is a consequence of...
journal article 2022
Vijaya Kumar, Harshavardhan (author)
Topology optimization (TO) has proven to be a capable design methodology for the realization of lightweight solutions that maximize structural stiffness or other design objectives. Due to its capability to be adapted to suit a wide range of objectives and constraints, both structural and non-structural, TO has been widely applied in all...
master thesis 2021