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Ameln, Coen (author)
In this report the development and design of Claus is presented. Claus is an auxiliary drive train module for last-mile delivery hand trucks. The objective of the concept is to enable delivery workers to deliver parcels to the growing amount of addresses in urban environments with limited mobility access.<br/><br/>Due to the combination of...
master thesis 2022
Alberts, Gijs (author)
(standing) E-scooters are a promising mode of transport; the vehicles are electrically powered, light, and fit in the dense urban landscape. However, little is known about the impact of these vehicles that can be expected when introduced in the Netherlands. In this paper, effect estimations of e-scooters on travel behaviour and society are made,...
master thesis 2021
Narayan, N.S. (author)
The growth in technology and increased public interest has brought about a rapid evolution in the realm of e-mobiilty. While generally viewed as non-polluting and environmentally friendly, the Electrical Vehicles (EVs) could still contribute significantly towards indirect emissions, depending on the source of their energy. The only way they can...
master thesis 2013