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Zoumhani, Oualid (author)
master thesis 2022
Laot, M.A.L. (author), Rich, Belinda (author), Cheibas, Ina (author), Fu, J. (author), Zhu, Jia-Ning (author), Popovich, V. (author)
This study investigates the feasibility of in-situ manufacturing of a functionally graded metallic-regolith. To fabricate the gradient, digital light processing, an additive manufacturing technique, and spark plasma sintering were selected due to their compatibility with metallic-ceramic processing in a space environment. The chosen methods...
journal article 2021
Petridis, Ioannis (author)
Visual evoked potentials, i.e responses to visual stimulation as recorded using electroencephalography have indicated the existence of nonlinear behavior of the visual pathway. Nonlinearities and time delay in the visual system play an important role in understanding the complex nature of the visual system. This study investigated the nonlinear...
master thesis 2017