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Ataei Dadavi, I. (author)
In the chain of steel production, the blast furnace converts iron ore into liquid iron. The hearth of the blast furnace, where the liquid metal is collected and tapped off, is filled with relatively large coke particles (D ~ 20 – 100 mm). The meandering flow of hot liquid metal in the coarse-grained porous medium in the hearth causes erosion of...
doctoral thesis 2020
Ataei Dadavi, I. (author), Chakkingal, M. (author), Kenjeres, S. (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author), Tummers, M.J. (author)
This paper reports on an experimental study of natural convection in an enclosure that is heated at the bottom and cooled at the top, filled with a packed bed of relatively large solid spheres. Nusselt numbers were measured for various sphere conductivities, spheres sizes and sphere packings for Rayleigh numbers varying between 10<sup>7</sup>...
journal article 2019