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Merino Martinez, R. (author), von den Hoff, B. (author), Simons, D.G. (author)
The design, development, and acoustic characterization of the Psychoacoustic Listening Laboratory (PALILA) recently established at Delft University of Technology are presented in this manuscript. This laboratory comprises a soundproof room with a modular design and specialized audio equipment. Its primary objective is to conduct experimental...
conference paper 2023
Bazilinskyy, P. (author), Merino Martinez, R. (author), Ozcan Vieira, E. (author), Dodou, D. (author), de Winter, J.C.F. (author)
Exterior vehicle sounds have been introduced in electric vehicles and as external human–machine interfaces for automated vehicles. While previous research has studied the effect of exterior vehicle sounds on detectability and acceptance, the present study takes on a different approach by examining the efficacy of such sounds in deterring...
journal article 2023
Gerrits, M.R.J. (author)
To obtain the absolute truth about the performance of a noise reduction method one requires to perform a listening experiment. As listening experiments are often time consuming and expensive there exists a need to replace these experiments by instrumental measures. Consequently, research has provided various instrumental measures which can been...
master thesis 2014