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Kadoglou, Kimon (author)
Living Breakwaters have evolved from traditional breakwaters to create multi-purpose structures that provide environmental and social benefits. These breakwaters promote a healthy habitat for flora and fauna, while achieving the same structural capabilities as conventional structures. Reefy has developed a modular living breakwater that can...
master thesis 2023
van den Brekel, Evelien (author)
Living breakwaters are designed to protect the coast against flooding and erosion, whilst at the same time they enhance the local ecological system by incorporating natural reef components. This study investigates the design of a modular artificial reef developed by the company called Reefy. Reefy breakwaters will consist of interlocking blocks...
master thesis 2021
Raza, Nauman (author)
A vast majority (84%) of all countries in the world have coastlines and 80-100% of their population resides within 100 km of the shoreline. Studies show a major growth in population in low-elevation coastal zones and a scenario of rising sea level may force millions of people to relocate. To deal with the increased frequency of extreme events...
master thesis 2019