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Gräffner, Puck (author)
Citizens experience a growing gap between their lived world and that of governmental institutions. The historical low turnup rate of last municipal elections in Rotterdam, 39%, reflect the low trust people have in the municipality and how they feel unrepresented by the city council. Because of this, municipalities are striving to bring politics...
master thesis 2022
Pesch, U. (author), Huijts, N.M.A. (author), Bombaerts, Gunter (author), Doorn, N. (author), Hunka, Agnieszka (author)
This paper makes a conceptual inquiry into the notion of ‘publics’, and forwards an understanding of this notion that allows more responsible forms of decision-making with regards to technologies that have localized impacts, such as wind parks, hydrogen stations or flood barriers. The outcome of this inquiry is that the acceptability of a...
journal article 2020