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Chakraborty, S.T. (author)
With increasing renewable energy and cross-sectoral electrification price volatility is increasing. Flexibility through demand-side management and electric storage has the potential for reducing price volatility. In this thesis, using duality theory the flexibility required for constraining price to a maximum limit is quantified. <br/...
doctoral thesis 2022
Bellizio, Federica (author), Xu, Wangkun (author), Qiu, Dawei (author), Ye, Yujian (author), Papadaskalopoulos, Dimitrios (author), Cremer, Jochen (author), Teng, Fei (author), Strbac, Goran (author)
Digitalization is one of the key drivers for energy system transformation. The advances in communication technologies and measurement devices render available a large amount of operational data and enable the centralization of such data storage and processing. The greater access to data opens up new opportunities for a more efficient and...
journal article 2022