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Orozco, Camilo (author), Borghetti, Alberto (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author), Napolitano, Fabio (author), Pulazza, Giorgia (author), Tossani, Fabio (author)
The paper presents a coordinated day-ahead and intra-day approach for the scheduling of the resources in a local energy community (LEC). The considered LEC consists of a collective of power prosumers that can directly trade energy with each other in addition to the external provider. The scheduling approach is based on the alternating...
journal article 2022
Dijckmeester, Frans (author)
The energy grid is transitioning from a centrally controlled demand response system to a decentralized supply response system. There are multiple reasons for this, but the main one is the need to transition to a low carbon energy system to tackle climate change and decrease our dependency on non-renewable energy sources. Next to this consumers...
master thesis 2020
Acheilas, I. (author), Hooimeijer, F.L. (author), Ersoy, A. (author)
In the context of climate change mitigation strategies in urban environments and reducing reliance on carbon-based energy sources, the Netherlands is gradually taking steps towards modification of its thermal energy system. Geothermal energy, widely used in agriculture, has recently emerged as a local, clean, and sustainable energy source able...
journal article 2020