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Varotto, Silvia F. (author), Mons, Celina (author), Hogema, Jeroen H. (author), Christoph, Michiel (author), van Nes, C.N. (author), Martens, Marieke H. (author)
Advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane keeping system (LKS) potentially contribute to reducing crash rates and traffic congestion. On-road studies based on early ACC systems operational at medium–high speeds only have shown that the system reduces the proportion of short time gaps when activated....
journal article 2022
Varotto, Silvia F. (author), Jansen, Reinier (author), Bijleveld, Frits (author), van Nes, C.N. (author)
Automatic incident detection (AID) systems and variable speed limits (VSLs) can reduce crash probability and traffic congestion. Studies based on loop detector data have shown that AID systems decrease the variation in speeds between drivers. Despite the impact on driver behaviour characteristics, most mathematical models evaluating the...
journal article 2021
Tesfaye, A. (author), Negatu, W. (author), Brouwer, R. (author), Van der Zaag, P. (author)
The aim of this study was to investigate the main factors that influence smallholders' adoption decision of soil conservation measures in the Gedeb watershed. Data from 498 household heads who live in the three districts of the watershed were analysed using the binary logistic regression model. We find that farmers need adequate cash to invest...
journal article 2013