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Hoedemakers, Thijs (author)
The olivocerebellar system plays a crucial role in control of movements of the human body in terms of coordination, precision and timing. Long-term plasticity is directly linked to motor learning and control. In this research, we developed a phenomenological model of the olivocerebellar system with balancing of long-term potentiation (LTP) and...
master thesis 2020
Fernandez Santoro, Elias Mateo (author)
The olivocerebellar system plays a central role in motor learning, crucially contributing to the coordination, precision and accurate timing of movements. The system is formed by Purkinje cells (PC), the Deep Cerebellar Nucleus (DCN) and Inferior Olive (IO). Its input activate the PC which produces simple (SS) and complex spikes (CS). The latter...
master thesis 2019