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Echaniz Soldevila, Ignasi (author)
This master thesis aims to gain new empirical insights into longitudinal driving behavior by means of the enumeration of a new hybrid car-following (CF) model which combines parametric and non parametric formulation. On one hand, the model, which predicts the drivers acceleration given a set of variables, benefits from innovative machine...
master thesis 2017
Van Hinsbergen, C.P.IJ. (author), Van Lint, H.W.C. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author), Van Zuylen, H.J. (author)
Recent research has revealed that there exist large inter-driver differences in car-following behavior such that different car-following models may apply to different drivers. This study applies Bayesian techniques to the calibration of car-following models, where prior distributions on each model parameter are converted to posterior...
conference paper 2010