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Silva, Fabio (author), Coward, Fiona (author), Davies, Kimberley (author), Elliott, Sarah (author), Jenkins, Emma (author), Newton, A.C. (author), Riris, Philip (author), Vander Linden, Marc (author), Filatova, T. (author)
Human beings are an active component of every terrestrial ecosystem on Earth. Although our local impact on the evolution of these ecosystems has been undeniable and extensively documented, it remains unclear precisely how our activities are altering them, in part because ecosystems are dynamic systems structured by complex, non-linear feedback...
journal article 2022
Hooimeijer, F.L. (author), Kuzniecow Bacchin, T. (author), Kothuis, B.L.M. (author)
New approaches to combine flood protection, soil regeneration and water management strategies with urban design, landscape architecture and spatial planning in delta regions cannot do without knowledge and understanding of history. To find a new balance between urbanization, climate change, geopolitical shifts, the energy transition in deltas it...
contribution to periodical 2021