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den Dulk, Timo (author)
This thesis focuses on a problem formulated by Claude Shannon named the Shannon capacity. This problem is about information rate per time unit over a noisy channel. The noisy channel is here represented by a graph. We specifically focus on a class of circulant graphs that are denoted by C(n,k) with vertex set z/nz, where all vertices are...
bachelor thesis 2022
DeCorte, P.E.B. (author)
This thesis is about maximum independent set and chromatic number problems on certain kinds of infinite graphs. A typical example comes from the Witsenhausen problem: For $n \geq 2$, let $S^{n-1} := \{ x \in \R^n : \|x\|_2 =1 \}$ be the unit sphere in $\R^n$, and let $G=(V,E)$ be the graph with $V = S^{n-1}$, in which two points in $S^{n-1}$ are...
doctoral thesis 2015
Rietberg, E.N. (author)
In this thesis you will find an overview of the main results of Lovasz and Shannon, together with a substantial set of examples for which we have computed the Shannon capacity. Also, some graphs for which it is not possible to calculate the Shannon capacity are given.
bachelor thesis 2014