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Costa Junior, Jairo da (author)
The societal and technical problems faced by low-income markets are increasingly seen as more complex due to environmental, social, and economic concerns. The enormous negative impacts of complex societal problems and the inability of designers to deal with complexity cannot be overcome without a paradigm shift in how we understand, engage with,...
doctoral thesis 2020
Costa Junior, Jairo da (author), Diehl, J.C. (author), Snelders, H.M.J.J. (author), Secomandi, F (author)
journal article 2020
Costa Junior, Jairo da (author), Diehl, J.C. (author), Secomandi, Fernando (author)
There is a consensus among scholars and practitioners that energy solutions, such as electricity services and related products and systems, are paramount to the ability of nations to overcome environmental and social issues. As a result, policymakers and problem solvers in emerging economies have shown a keen interest in the transition to...
journal article 2019