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Blanco Abad, Teresa (author)
Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN) offer easy deployment, robustness against interference, and operational longevity to energy constrained IoTdevices which communicate in a best-e_ort fashion in extended ranges. However, the simple (ALOHA-like) design of the MAC layer leads to packet collisions in dense LoRaWAN deployments with high traffic...
master thesis 2020
Parker, T. (author), Halkes, G. (author), Bezemer, M. (author), Langendoen, K. (author)
Most current WSN MAC protocol implementations have multiple tasks to perform—deciding on correct timing, sending of packets, sending of acknowledgements, etc. However, as much of this is common to all MAC protocols, there is duplication of functionality, which leads to larger MAC protocol code size and therefore increasing numbers of bugs....
journal article 2010