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Zaliasl, S (author), Salvia, JC (author), Hill, GC (author), Chen, L (author), Joo, K (author), Palwai, R (author), Arumugam, N (author), Phadke, M (author), Mukherjee, S (author), Lee, HC (author), Grosjean, C (author), Hagelin, PM (author), Pamarti, S (author), Fiez, TS (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author), Partridge, A (author), Menon, V (author)
journal article 2015
Rajaraman, V. (author), Hau, B.S. (author), Rocha, L.A. (author), French, P.J. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
This work reports on the design and modeling of a new flexible contact-mode 1-DOF piezoresistive contact force and impacttime detector used for acceleration sensing in the time domain. The key advantages of the contact-mode detection mechanism are the use of simple readout circuitry, compactness, good linearity, scalability, and the potential to...
journal article 2010
Rajaraman, V. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author), French, P.J. (author)
We present a simple, flexible and low cost MEMS fabrication process, developed using deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) and wafer bonding technologies, for manufacturing in-plane high aspect ratio (HAR) inertial sensors. Among examples, the design and fabrication results of a two axis inertial device are presented. Fabricated device thickness...
conference paper 2008