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Wicaksono, D.H.B. (author)
New emerging sensing applications demand novel sensors in micro-/nano-scale to enable integration and embedding into higher level structures or systems. Downsizing the structure will usually decrease the sensitivity of the sensors, since the sensitivity is a function of geometrical parameters, e.g. mass in the case of inertial sensing, and...
doctoral thesis 2008
Wicaksono, D.H.B. (author), Pandraud, G. (author), French, P.J. (author)
This paper presents an on-going work to develop micromachined silicon-based strain sensor inspired from the campaniform sensillum of insects. We present simple optical setup for the characterisation of a membrane-in-recess structure as an early stage in mimicking the natural sensor. The microstructure is a 500 nm-thick SiO2/SiN circular membrane...
conference paper 2005