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Quiros Solano, W.F. (author), Gaio, N. (author), Silvestri, C. (author), Pandraud, G. (author), Dekker, R. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author)
Organ-on-chip (OOC) is becoming the alternative tool to conventional in vitro screening. Heart-on-chip devices including microstructures for mechanical and electrical stimulation have been demonstrated to be advantageous to study structural organization and maturation of heart cells. This paper presents the development of metal and polymeric...
journal article 2019
Tran, A.T. (author), Pandraud, G. (author), Schellevis, H. (author), Alan, T. (author), Aravindh, V. (author), Wunnicke, O. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author)
Very thin piezoelectric cantilevers based on AlN layers using titanium Ti thin film electrodes are fabricated and characterized. By optimizing the Ti sputtering parameters, a very low stress (156 MPa) layers stack with high crystallinity and strong (002) orientation of the AlN films is obtained. Finally, a simple fabrication process, fully CMOS...
journal article 2011
Wicaksono, D.H.B. (author), Pandraud, G. (author), French, P.J. (author)
This paper presents an on-going work to develop micromachined silicon-based strain sensor inspired from the campaniform sensillum of insects. We present simple optical setup for the characterisation of a membrane-in-recess structure as an early stage in mimicking the natural sensor. The microstructure is a 500 nm-thick SiO2/SiN circular membrane...
conference paper 2005