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Van Leeuwen, R. (author)
In this thesis the physics of nanoscale mechanical resonators and oscillators is studied. We discuss two types of resonators. First, a top-down fabricated doubly clamped beam resonator with an integrated piezoelectric actuator is introduced. The second type of resonators are based on layered two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and...
doctoral thesis 2015
Gaitas, A. (author)
This dissertation aims to advance the current state of cantilevers with integrated metal thermal and deflection sensing elements. Metallic sensing elements enable the use of alternative substrate materials (such as polymers), that tend to exhibit higher compliance properties and are more robust (less brittle) compared to Si or Si3N4 cantilevers....
doctoral thesis 2013
Yang, C.K. (author)
This thesis studies the effects of scaling on the characterisation and readout of micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) to nano-electro mechanical systems (NEMS). In particular it focuses on cantilever, which is a basic device building block and an important transducer in many sensing applications. This thesis presents an overview of major...
doctoral thesis 2012