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Rousou, Maria (author), Langeneck, Joachim (author), Apserou, Chara (author), Arvanitidis, Christos (author), Charalambous, Stephanos (author), Chrysanthou, Kyproula (author), Constantinides, George (author), Dimitriou, Panagiotis D. (author), García Gómez, Sergio Carlos (author), Hadjieftychiou, Soteria Irene (author), Katsiaras, Nikolaos (author), Kleitou, Periklis (author), Kletou, Demetris (author), Küpper, Frithjof C. (author), Louizidou, Paraskevi (author), Martins, Roberto (author), Moraitis, Manos L. (author), Papageorgiou, Nafsika (author), Papatheodoulou, Magdalene (author), Petrou, Antonis (author), Xevgenos, Dimitris (author), Vasiliades, Lavrentios (author), Voultsiadou, Eleni (author), Chintiroglou, Chariton Charles (author), Castelli, Alberto (author)
The diversity and distribution of polychaetes in the coastal area and the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus is presented based on both the literature records and new data acquired in a wide range of environmental monitoring programmes and research projects. A total of 585 polychaete species belonging to 49 families were reported in Cyprus waters;...
journal article 2023
Schoenmakers, Joris (author)
Due to the increasing impact of terrestrial agriculture on climate change, the attention of a myriad of industries is shifting towards the use of alternative, low-emission resources. Seaweed cultivation has presented itself as a contribution to the mitigation of the increased pressure on current resources. However, coastal and offshore marine...
master thesis 2022
Kodimaniyanda, Nivya (author)
The growing population is accompanied by an increase in the global energy and resource demand. Biorefining can be considered a means to help meet these growing demands through a range of bio-based materials. A biorefinery approach for developing an upstream process for the production of valuable products from macroalgae would be essential to...
master thesis 2020