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Xu, Cassie (author)
Malware poses a serious security risk in today’s digital environment. The defense against malware mainly relies on proactive detection. However, antivirus products often fail to detect new malware when the signature is not yet available. In the event of a malware infection, the common remediation strategy is reinstalling the system. However, the...
master thesis 2023
Turcios Rodriguez, E.R. (author)
In recent years the number of Internet-connected devices (aka as Internet of Things (IoT)) has increased dramatically. IoT Manufacturers have launched into the market a variety of IoT products to make a profit, while users buy them for the convenience of the technology. Despite IoT technology’s benefits to society, infected IoT devices with...
doctoral thesis 2023
Rodriguez, Elsa (author), Fukkink, Max (author), Parkin, S.E. (author), van Eeten, M.J.G. (author), Hernandez Ganan, C. (author)
Consumer IoT devices may suffer malware attacks, and be recruited into botnets or worse. There is evidence that generic advice to device owners to address IoT malware can be successful, but this does not account for emerging forms of persistent IoT malware. Less is known about persistent malware, which resides on persistent storage, requiring...
conference paper 2022