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Klingbeil, Knut (author), Becherer, Johannes (author), Schulz, Elisabeth (author), de Swart, Huib E. (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author), Valle-Levinson, Arnoldo (author), Burchard, Hans (author)
This paper presents thickness-weighted averaging (TWA) in generalized vertical coordinates as a unified framework for a variety of existing tidal-averaging concepts in seas and estuaries. Vertical profiles of resulting residual quantities depend on the specific vertical coordinate, which is held fixed during the averaging process. This...
journal article 2019
Brouwer, R.L. (author), Schramkowski, G.P. (author), Dijkstra, Y.M. (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author)
Using an idealized width-averaged process-based model, the role of a mud pool on the bed and time-varying river discharge on the trapping of fine sediment is systematically investigated. For this purpose, a dynamically and physically motivated description of erodibility is presented, which relates the amount of sediment on the bed to the...
journal article 2018
Wei, X. (author), Schuttelaars, H.M. (author), Schramkowski, G.P. (author)
Understanding salt dynamics is important to adequately model salt intrusion, baroclinic forcing, and sediment transport. In this paper, the importance of the residual salt transport due to tidal advection in well-mixed tidal estuaries is studied. The water motion is resolved in a consistent way with a width-averaged analytical model, coupled to...
journal article 2016