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Kimppa, Emmi (author)
The growing demand for food production and the global developments regarding the intensification and mechanization of agriculture are likely to affect material use in the agricultural sector in some way in the future. This study addressed a research gap regarding the current and future material requirements of the global agricultural system, and...
master thesis 2021
Sprecher, B. (author), Verhagen, T. (author), Sauer, Marijn Louise (author), Baars, Michel (author), Heintz, John L. (author), Fishman, Tomer (author)
Re-use and recycling in the construction sector is essential to keep resource use in check. Data availability about the material contents of buildings is significant challenge for planning future re-use potentials. Compiling material intensity (MI) data is time and resource intensive. Often studies end up with only a handful of datapoints. In...
journal article 2021
Bellstedt, C.H. (author)
Massive material flows that are mostly originating from the lithosphere are entering the cities, adding to and shaping the stock of the built environment. Due to concerns with material resource scarcity and the finiteness of virgin materials, resources will have to be measured and tracked. As a result of insufficient data on (average) civil...
master thesis 2015