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Wu, Juan (author), Bai, Min (author), Zhang, D. (author), Wang, Hang (author), Huang, Guangtan (author), Chen, Yangkang (author)
Five-dimensional (5D) seismic data reconstruction becomes more appealing in recent years because it takes advantage of five physical dimensions of the seismic data and can reconstruct data with large gap. The low-rank approximation approach is one of the most effective methods for reconstructing 5D dataset. However, the main disadvantage of...
journal article 2020
Ding, Min (author)
With the increase in the number of radar systems/radio applications, FMCW radars currently face various interference problems which lead to wider noise band, rise in noise floor level and masking of weak targets. This thesis aims to eliminate different types of interference for FMCW radars.<br/>In this thesis, we propose a interference...
master thesis 2019
Tan, S. (author), Tax, D.M.J. (author), Hung, H.S. (author)
This paper presents a model for head and body pose estimation (HBPE) when labelled samples are highly sparse. The current state-of-the-art multimodal approach to HBPE utilizes the matrix completion method in a transductive setting to predict pose labels for unobserved samples. Based on this approach, the proposed method tackles HBPE when...
conference paper 2018