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De Jong, J. (author)
After the disastrous floods in Bangladesh in 1987 the Flood Action Plan (FAP) was initiated. The FAP was a co-ordinated action to study the flood problems of Bangladesh. The Meghna Estuary Study (MES) was drawn up as a component of the FAP. The overall goal of MES is to ensure the physical safety and social security of the people living in the...
master thesis 2000
Hooijer, A. (author), Vries, M.B. de (author)
report 2000
Guinée, M.F. (author)
In 1990, in Bangladesh, the "Meghna roads and highway bridge"was finisthed. This bridge is the first one in a series of two Bridges replacing the ferries over the Upper Meghna River. During construction, and also after the finalization of the Bridge, it was revealed that the designers of this Bridge underestimated the power of the Upper Meghna...
master thesis 1993