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Breitwieser, Lukas (author), Hesam, A.S. (author), Rademakers, Fons (author), Luna, Juan Gómez (author), Mutlu, Onur (author)
Agent-based modeling plays an essential role in gaining insights into biology, sociology, economics, and other fields. However, many existing agent-based simulation platforms are not suitable for large-scale studies due to the low performance of the underlying simulation engines. To overcome this limitation, we present a novel high...
conference paper 2023
Poulsen, C.B. (author), Neron, P.J.M. (author), Tolmach, Andrew (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Semantic specifications do not make a systematic connection between the names and scopes in the static structure of a program and memory layout, and access during its execution. In this paper we introduce a systematic approach to the alignment of names in static semantics and memory in dynamic semantics, building on the scope graph framework...
conference paper 2016