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van As, Vincent (author)
The research conducts an analysis of the Dutch day-ahead electricity market prices spanning from 2015 to 2022, examining the relationship between increasing RE penetration and day-ahead electricity price fluctuations. The electricity price fluctuations over this time period are reviewed for patterns and recalculated for inflation corrections...
master thesis 2023
Joshi, R. (author), Kruijff, Michiel (author), Schmehl, R. (author)
In the current auction-based electricity market, the design of utility-scale renewable energy systems has traditionally been driven by the levelised cost of energy (LCoE). However, the market is gradually moving towards a subsidy-free era, which will expose the power plant owners to the fluctuating prices of electricity. This paper presents a...
journal article 2023
Joshi, Rishikesh (author)
Airborne wind energy (AWE) is a new generation of wind energy technology which uses tethered kites to reach the stronger and steadier high altitude wind resource. Research and development of AWE has been accelerated in the last two decades. Around 40 institutions around the world are working on their own concepts and architectures of the...
master thesis 2020