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Fragkeskos, Kyriakos (author)
With the growing number of scientific publications, the concept<br/>of navigating effectively and searching for domain specific information<br/>is rather significant and highly important for the scientific<br/>community [2]. For instance, to search by topics, research methods,<br/>used datasets, or scientific objectives. Such deep meta-data...
master thesis 2017
Roy, S. (author), Hermans, F.F.J. (author), Aivaloglou, E. (author), Winter, J. (author), van Deursen, A. (author)
Spreadsheets are popular end-user computing applications and one reason behind their popularity is that they offer a large degree of freedom to their users regarding the way they can structure their data. However, this flexibility also makes spreadsheets difficult to understand. Textual documentation can address this issue, yet for supporting...
conference paper 2016