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Ossenkoppele, B.W. (author), Luijten, Ben (author), Bera, Deep (author), de Jong, N. (author), Verweij, M.A. (author), van Sloun, Ruud J.G. (author)
There is an increased desire for miniature ultrasound probes with small apertures to provide volumetric images at high frame rates for in-body applications. Satisfying these increased requirements makes simultaneous achievement of a good lateral resolution a challenge. As micro-beamforming is often employed to reduce data rate and cable count...
journal article 2023
Daeichin, V. (author), Bera, D. (author), Raghunathan, S.B. (author), Shabanimotlagh, M. (author), Chen, Z. (author), Chen, C. (author), Noothout, E.C. (author), Vos, H.J. (author), Pertijs, M.A.P. (author), de Jong, N. (author), Verweij, M.D. (author)
This paper presents the design, fabrication and characterization of a miniature PZT-on-CMOS matrix transducer for real-time pediatric 3-dimensional (3D) transesophageal echocardiography (TEE). This 3D TEE probe consists of a 32 × 32 array of PZT elements integrated on top of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). We propose a...
journal article 2018
Saha, A. (author)
The motivation behind this thesis is that cardio-vascular diseases claim the highest number of lives each year globally. In order to enhance the accuracy in diagnosis, construction of 3D images of the heart is required. From these images, precise information can be obtained regarding the 3D anatomy of the heart and its functioning. Trans...
master thesis 2013