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Pinel, I.S.M. (author), Kim, Lan Hee (author), Proença Borges, Vitor R. (author), Farhat, Nadia M. (author), Witkamp, Geert Jan (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Vrouwenvelder, J.S. (author)
Phosphate limitation has been suggested as a preventive method against biofilms. P-limited feed water was studied as a preventive strategy against biofouling in cooling towers (CTs). Three pilot-scale open recirculating CTs were operated in parallel for five weeks. RO permeate was fed to the CTs (1) without supplementation (reference), (2)...
journal article 2020
Azman, Samet (author), Khadem, A.F. (author), Plugge, Caroline M. (author), Stams, Alfons J M (author), Bec, Sabina (author), Zeeman, Grietje (author)
Inhibition effect of humic acid (HA) on anaerobic digestion of cellulose and xylan and the mitigation potential of the inhibition were evaluated in controlled fed batch reactors at 30 °C and a hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 20 days. Reactor performances were evaluated by biogas production and metabolite measurements for 220 days. Microbial...
journal article 2017